RoadPilot mobile

RoadPilot mobile 1.18

Speed camera detector on your mobile phone


  • Information clearly displayed
  • Covers a range of countries
  • Highly customizable
  • Reports on different types of cameras


  • Awkward set-up process
  • Just one voice to choose from

Very good

RoadPilot mobile is a speed camera locater application that warns you of the presence of Gatsos, live mobile speed cameras and black spots.

RoadPilot mobile uses your phone's GPS connection to establish your speed and current direction, data which is displayed on screen through a very clear and simple gauge. If a speed camera is spotted near to your current location, a vocal and on-screen warning will alert you, together with a visual countdown of the distance until the speed trap. If you're going over the legal speed, RoadPilot mobile will sound an alarm.

The application is highly customizable, allowing you to fine-tune RoadPilot mobile to your needs. For instance, you can alter the warning range, set the variable and over-speed limits, and select which kind of cameras you want the locater to look for.

RoadPilot mobile can detect fixed, mobile, and live mobile cameras, as well as highlighting when you're approaching a congestion charge zone or an accident black spot. The database of fixed cameras held by RoadPilot is created and maintained by a selection of full-time surveyors operating in a wide range of countries. If users spot a speed camera that doesn't show in the database, they can submit its details via the mobile app.

Once running, RoadPilot mobile is clear and easy to use, although the setup process can be a bit awkward. If you don't have the BlackBerry Internet Service or Enterprise Server running then you'll need to configure the APN settings in your device's Advanced Settings in order to get RoadPilot running.

RoadPilot mobile is free to download and try for 60 days, after which time you'll need to sign up for a subscription if you want to keep using it.

Overall, RoadPilot mobile provides a simple and reliable way to detect speed cameras from your car.

RoadPilot mobile


RoadPilot mobile 1.18

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